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Female Facial Hair Removal

It seems to be a common assumption that only men have facial hair, and all women have smooth hairless skin on their faces. However this can safely be disproved as most women have a small to moderate amount of hair on their faces, ranging from soft fluff to stiff whiskers.
This is perfectly normal, in fact most women have it, and nothing to be ashamed of.

The most common methods for treating facial hair is plucking, though bleaching is another viable option and threading is rapidly gaining popularity. Some women also wax their faces.

A couple other options are electrolysis and laser. Laser is quicker and cheaper(though not inexpensive) but less thorough, electrolysis is more thorough, but takes longer and costs more.

There are also facial depilatory creams available, though depilatory creams designed for the body should not be used on the face.
A rotary epilator can generally be used on the face safely.

Friction is a method which should not be used on the face, as the skin is delicate and does not respond well.

Because the face generally offers a small area with typically fine hair, there are many methods available.
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