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Alternative Medicine & Health Care Cost Containment

The cost of health care is definitely causing changes in patient’s attitudes for treatment and care. In our own practices we have noticed the patient’s are selective about coming in for elective a cosmetic procedures and more and more are demanding alternatives to the high cost of medications, laboratory testing and scanning. The best way for patients to work around the rising cost and help them navigate the system is to them power them by giving them alternatives that they can do on their own. There are many options that we give our patients that are both cost effective and more and highly preventative…

  • Patients are offered multiple Ayurvedic options to take care of the chronic illnesses at a fraction of the cost of traditional medication. These can be used to lower blood pressure, and decreased inflammation.
  • Turmeric sprinkled on food can decrease pain and avoid gastritis associated with additional anti-inflammatory medications and kidney damage from long-term medication use.
  • Recent health conference news reveals that high-intensity training for spurts of 10-15 mins, 2-3 times a day are yielding incredible health benefits including lowering of blood pressure and risk of diabetes without the use of medication.
  • Many people are suffering from arthritic problems that are stemming from poor digestion and inflammation of the colon leading to the leaking a partially digested food proteins into the bloodstream. The digestion can be improved by the patient taking 1-2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar and water prior to meals and by taking probiotics afterwards to ensure the appropriate bacteria are in the stomach and colon to help digest the food to prevent this unwanted leakage into the circulation. This reduction in inflammation can then preclude the patient having to be on the addictive painkillers and steroids that can then lead to osteoporosis and other significant complications later on.
  • One of the major complaints patient’s voice coming to the office are lack of energy. The addition of something as simple as 1-2 teaspoons Chia seeds that have been soaked overnight added to smoothie, is a drug and stimulant free way of adding energy to once a day by replacing micronutrients that are not found and are normal food sources anymore.
  • Aromatherapy hacks include using a little bit of LAVENDER on your pillows to reduce sleep and the use of citrus oils in your shower gel to wake you up in the morning.
  • Even hair regrowth can be controlled by using Ayurvedic hair oils readily available in Indian ethnic food stores, which at the same time provide significant antioxidant nutrients that are observed for the scalp.
  • Acupuncture and chiropractic treatments can help patients who use them for preventative and feel good modalities that help keep stress down and therefore keep their immune system in top shape.
  • One of the best sources for medical care now turns out to be YouTube, where patients can learn to use kinesthetic tape which can be purchased at a local drugstore for application for knee joint pain. Patients can learn the latest recipes for homemade cough syrups, detox preparations and natural herbal sleep aids and antidepressive help.

In light of the ever-increasing PRICE of drugs and health care delivery United States, it appears the American public has decided to take matters into their own had by preserving their health and preventing chronic illness by lifestyle interventions along with exercise, and nutritional supplementation and life expectancy prolonging foods.

DOCTORS NEED TO BE PROACTIVE AND SELF EDUCATE THEMSELVES WITH ALTERNATIVE BASED MODALITIES AND SHARE WITH THEIR MEDICAL COLLEAGUES NON SURGICAL AND NUTRITIONAL SUCCESS STORIES AND THEY HAVE TO BE OPEN TO NON ALLOPATHIC TREATMENTS AS a paradigm shift has occurred where patients mistrusts big PHARMA and insurance companies and are looking for cheaper, more effective, less side effect inducing treatments for acute and chronic illnesses.