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My Quick & Easy Skin Care Tips – by Dr. Navarro

In order for anything to become a habit one must consistently do it.  We tend to be disorganized and overwhelmed with all the tasks we have to do and usually neglects ourselves because we are the only person who will not berate us for failing.

Quick & Easy Dental Care

To this effect in order to follow a routine and not miss any steps I do the following.  I put a plastic toothbrush and toothpaste holder with a mirror in my shower so that I brush my teeth in the shower.  I tend to use a tooth brightening toothpaste to keep my smile in perfect shape.

Skin Hydration & Mosquito Safety

I have a spray bottle of either essential oil or something like skin so soft from Avon which I apply after the shower to hydrate, and keep off the mosquitoes in South Florida.

Avoid Harmful UV Rays

Because I know that I am lazy,  I have a spray sunscreen right next to my hairspray and after fixing my hair and applying hairspray to keep the hair frizzies  down, I then used the sunscreen spray over my face, arms and legs while standing on a white bath mat.  This prevents the oil from making the tile too slippery by being absorbed by the bath mat and the white color tells me when it is time to launder the mat.

Exfoliation, Cleanser & Moisturizer

In the evening also in my shower I keep several facial scrubs and also lightning cleansers that alternate every night to wash off my makeup therefore exfoliating and treating my face every night with the same effort is just washing my face. I also have a jar of coconut oil by my bed that I used to moisturize my hands and feet and also my face prior to going to bed.

This regimen can be easily adopted by anybody and requires no extra time to look and feel your best except for planning to have supplies where needed!
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