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Here are just a few of what our satisfied clients have to say about Dr. Navarro and the staff of The Vein Center of the Palm Beaches. If you’d like to see more client testimonials feel free to call our office and make an appointnment, to see for yourself why our clients speak so highly of us.


Dearest Dr. Navarro, Just a little thank you gift at this time of year when gifts are more in order for more reasons than just thank you. What you did for my wife, my Pat, is so wonderful that there is no way to repay you. No one knows better than you that unlike many people who come to you for cosmetic purposes. I forced my wife to come to you for life saving help. This was something she should have done 20 years ago, but like most of us she just would not listen. I guess it all worked out for the best because 20 years ago the only choice would have been surgery, as opposed to what you were able to do in your office for her now. As they say everything happens for a reason, but I just want you to know we really appreciate what you were able to do for her and as far as I am concerned, as her loving husband, You are one of God’s gifts, if not to the world then definitely to us. God bless you always and have a wonderful holiday season.


Dear Dr. Navarro,This is to let you know that all my life my legs have felt heavy. Since I started your treatments I have noticed a big difference in my veins, they don’t ache anymore! Thank you very much!


Dr. Navarro has improved the veins in my legs dramatically. I cannot believe the change. After years id wearing slacks, to hide my ugly legs; I now can wear shorts and dresses.Many thanks lovely lady.


To Dr. Navarro and Staff. I would like to express my feelings concerning my experience in this office. After many years experience in medical and dental offices, both as a patient and an employee, I found my course of treatment to be both professional and pleasant. This was due not only to the excellent treatment extended to me by Dr. Navarro but also my care from both Giselle and Yessica. During my employment as an Office Manager I would have considered myself very lucky to have had two such wonderful employees. I should warn you Dr. Navarro, that if I ever found myself in that same position again, I would try to “steal” them away from you. My sincere “thanks” to you all.


I had been going for Sclerotherapy in New York for many years. Each visit, I was given 8 to 10 injections and pressure bandages with tape were applied to each injection site. Many times marks remained 6-10 months at each site. I came to Dr. Navarro with much trepidation as I dreaded the marks that would remain. Lo and behold, she used an entirely different approach – one with Ultrasound and then injections that did not hurt or scar. It was magical. I look forward to coming to the office. I am no longer bed-bound with pain and I’ve walked out with what was once an ugly leg and now is a beautiful leg. It’s pure magic.