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Sotradecol Sulfate

Sotradecol is an injection used along with sclerotherapy to shrink and collapse your small and uncomplicated spider veins. Eventually the vein will shrink and disappear within your body.

  • Why is Sotradecol Beneficial?
    • Minimally invasive
    • Short procedure
    • Minimal treatments needed
    • Spider veins will disappear
  • Why Sotradecol?
    • Sotradecol is used to minimalize and make your spider veins disappear.
  • Is the procedure painful?
    • Redness and irritation may occur after the procedure. Over-the-counter medications are recommended to relief the minimal discomfort you may experience.
  • Are there risks involved with this procedure?
    • Complications are extremely rare. Dr. Navarro will review any potential dangers in detail at your consultation and answer any questions you may have.