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Endovenous Laser Ablation

Endovenous laser ablation is a minimally invasive procedure performed for the treatment of varicose veins. Edovenous laser ablation uses laser energy to burn and close abnormally large veins in the legs.

The way this procedure works is a small laser fiber is inserted into the vein through a small incision made just above the large unattractive varicose vein. The laser heats up within the vein which damages it and causes it to shrink, collapse and eventually it will be absorbed by the body.

  • Why is Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA) Beneficial?
    • Relief from painful varicose veins
    • No hospital time required
    • Better blood circulation
    • A very short procedure
    • Relatively pain free
  • Does the procedure take long?
    • It is a short procedure taking only 30 minutes
  • Is the procedure painful?
    • What’s great about this procedure is that it leaves no scars and has very minimal pain after the procedure is done. Minor bruising and soreness can be treated with over the counter pain medications.
  • How long does recovery take?
    • Recovery doesn’t take long because it is such a minimally invasive procedure, you should be walking and resuming normal activity the same day as the procedure.
  • Are there risks involved with this procedure?
    • The risks for this procedure are minimal, you may experience Phlebitis which is redness and soreness of the skin but it is very mild in nature and can be alleviated with over the counter medications. . Dr. Navarro will review any potential dangers in detail at your consultation and answer any questions you may have.