Mission Statement - Vein Center of the Palm Beaches
Mon - Fri : 9:00 - 5:00
955 Sansburys Way, Suite 209 West Palm Beach

Mission Statement

The purpose of this practice is to provide patients with safe, current and prudent treatments for their general health and mental well-being.  We strive to give our patients more service and care than they pay for.  It is our intention to always be compassionate and understanding of our patients needs.

We will protect our patient’s privacy, and always put their concerns first.

We strive to have satisfied patients, fully cognizant and educated in their condition and why we recommended their treatment plan.

Those patients are to be satisfied and comfortable enough to return and recommend their friends and neighbors to use our services.

We will never put financial considerations before the interest and well-being of our patients or staff.

We expect timely payments for our services and will deal with financial matters in the office in a timely, legitimate manner consistent with total transparency and integrity.

We, the staff, commit to being a team.  All personal issues outside of this office are to remain there.  We are here support and care for our patients, not the other way around. Yet, if personal help or guidance is needed, we are encouraged to voice these concerns for guidance and direction to the office manager or the Doctor.

We promised to be loyal  to each other, but will not tolerate misbehavior, disloyalty, theft, dereliction or deliberate avoidance of duties, inappropriate behavior, unprofessional behavior, nor mistreatment or abuse of our staff or patients. We will not tolerate backstabbing nor malicious gossip and will report any incidence of emotional abuse, sexual abuse, racial, religious, sexual orientation intolerance to the owner or the office manager immediately.

As a team member we pledge to further our education to make the office more efficient and better functioning. We will look for ways to decrease expenses and provide better services with these savings.  We understand that the job we were hired for is only the beginning, and we are expected to grow, and expand the practice in return for career advancement and advanced pay grades.

In short we strive to be:

The best medical /cosmetic providers
The best Medical facility
The best Staff
The best value
Vein and Skin Care Facility looking to the future to expand our services and locations with an expanding yet reputable practice.