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Botox in West Palm Beach

What is Botox ?

Botox  is a sterile purified protein that comes from a microorganism found in the human body. It is effective for reducing lines caused by muscle activation and especially wonderful for the area between the eyebrows and for those fine lines around the eyes lovingly called crows feet.  Botox will soften wrinkles and not create a wooden appearance.  This purified protein has the ability to temporarily anesthetize your nerves preventing muscles from contracting and causing wrinkles . Botox can also be used to relax facial  muscles that pull known as a depressors,  thereby freeing muscles of the face called elevators to create a more dramatic,  youthful lifting effect.  Botox has been around for 15 years and is safe for use   in children who have cerebral palsy.  The FDA has approved Botox for a cosmetic removal of wrinkles in the face and neck for patient as young as 18  years of age.  Botox is broken down and harmlessly removed from the body within 6 months and must therefore be repeated  twice a year.   Despite rumors to the contrary, in the hands of a licensed  well-trained professional Botox is a safe, comfortable,  effective, and a fabulous youth enhancing procedure.

Who is Botox For?

Botox can be used for people as young as 18 to prevent wrinkles caused by excessive movement of the face and it is for people above the age of 30 to erase wrinkles around the eyes, the for head, lip lines, and to lift  the eyebrows and the upper eyelids.  Patients with deep lines above the lip can have a small amount of Botox injected to reduce these lines.  Patients with a horsey smile, or patients that show a lot of upper teeth will benefit from Botox being applied above the lip to reduce this gummy, unnatural look .The  FDA has only approved for patient’s up to 65 years of age but  off label use can be done on extremely elderly patients as long as they are in good general health.

What Should You Expect From Botox?

A serene appearance that makes you look young and relaxed.  It may take a few days up to two weeks to see maximum results.
The results of Botox last 3 to 4 month on average although some people can have 6 months of wrinkle free appearance.

Are There Any Downsides to This Procedure?

Because it is an injectable, bruising and a tiny bit of pain in the injection site can occur.  There can be some very temporary side effects such as to be eyelids and nausea.

What Does Botox Cost?

$250 to $950 depending on the sites treated.

What Is Preventative Botox?

A growing trend, many younger adults are using Botox as a preventative measure to stop wrinkles and creases from forming. Because Botox work by blocking nerve signals that stop muscles from contracting, using Botox early can help delay the development of fine lines, wrinkles and crows’ feed. Read more about this trend at

*NEW* – Botox to Help Slim the Sides of the Face!

New testing shows Botox to be an effective treatment for slimming the sides of the face. Price starts at $699. Check out the full news story here: Botox used to slim the face